How to order flowers for your hair on your wedding day

Organising flowers seems like a relatively simple task, however, it can become quite a chore if you don't take the time to do some thinking before you head to the florists. I've put together the tips below based on my experience working with Brides.

Here are my top tips to get you started...

Size matters

If you have some idea about the style you wish to have, that's great! This is the first step to finding the right flowers. One important factor to consider is that if you are having a more modern style (which tend to be looser and more deconstructed) the flower might not be held in tightly by your hair. I recommend getting the flowers individually wired so your stylist can place them where they can be held better by your chosen style. If you want a large flower or arrangement, make sure that your hair texture will support it. If you have doubts, there is a lot we can do with padding and hair extensions to support it and flesh out the style - but it's really important that you discuss this with your stylist before the day so they can advise you. 

Will it suit the dress? 

These days you can get away with just about anything so don't worry too much, but I do think that the right choices can really set off the dress. It's best to think about the whole look you are going for and considering flowers from there. 


Before you get too deep in deciding on your flowers, its a really good idea to ask your florist what will be available at that particular time of year. This will ensure you get the best produce available at the best price. There is nothing worse than trying to put limp flowers into hair that you know will look crap in an hour!

Odd numbers

When balancing a style I always find having an odd number of flowers works best (I have no idea why - it just looks better!) Usually 1 or 3 looks great unless you have a mixed amount of different kinds of flowers that are smaller sizes. You can go as big as you want if you have the hair to hold it. 


Will your hairstyle be big enough to slot it in? Some flowers stick out further than others so make sure the style is the right shape to nestle the flowers in. You don't want it sticking out at odd angles! Trust your hairstylist they will tell you if it's not working. 


Don't forget to leave space for the veil. Do you really want to cover all those beautiful flowers? If you really need one make sure it is super light and on pins. A big clunky comb can squash your style and be hard to put in and take out.


Show your hairstylist what you want. Ask them if they can adapt your hair to the style and if they think it will work, show a picture to your florist to be clear on the size and shape. Nothing is better than pictures to communicate what you are after. They can then advise you on what is achievable with the flower choices you have made.

I hope this has given you some insights to a stress free wedding styling choices!  Please comment below or send me an email at if you have a specific question. 

xx Rachelle