Flower crowns.... real or fake?

Flower Crowns are one of my favourite wedding accessories, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing yours. 

Fake or Real? There are pros and cons for both. Read on for more details.


Real flowers are absolutely stunning and if done right can really be your crowning glory of the day. To make sure you are going to be happy, I would really get to know your florist and tell them exactly what you want. 

Make sure you discuss with your florist how you want it to sit (eg full circle or half). I have had bride who very carefully chose the right hairstyle and even had a fake crown made to practice with but when it came to the day the flower crown was sitting totally different than the fake one and several adjustments had to be made to make my bride feel better about its position. It was like we had to start from scratch! On the other hand, the real flower crown was just stunning and it matched her dress perfectly. 

Real flowers smell amazing and let's face it's - the real deal will make you feel really special on the day. Unfortunately, real crowns can be very fragile, so you need to have a great relationship with your florist. They can guide you on availability (if the flower you want has to be imported from Switzerland then its not likely to be as fresh as you would like), longevity and composition that will see you through the day. Give them pictures of the shape and size you want and whether you want it to be full circumference or half that needs hiding at the back of your hair. Make sure you discuss with them how high do you want it to sit. They may need to measure your head exactly where you are going to wear it. This is definitely one of those times where you get what you pay for... On the other hand if you have experience with flower crowns and know what you are doing then by all means make it your self! 


Fake flowers these days are amazing, although they can be hard to find... so start your search early! Also,  I really recommend having your crown for your hair trial, it will help make sure it will be the same on the day. All adjustments and changes can be nutted out and you can rest easy knowing on the day there will be no last minute hiccups! Fake flowers can be kept as a keepsake and even used again depending on your tastes of course! Remember to keep them in a box because if they get dust in them you won't be able to fully get it out! Fake flowers obviously will not turn brown and droop/wilt so no worries there. I think the key element is making sure they look as real as possible. This usually comes with a large price tag so don't expect high-quality ones to be the cheaper option. One plus is you can have basically any flowers you want because you are not limited by the seasons.

I hope some of these points help to prepare for your big day!