Prep for a special event

Preparing for a special event when you don't have a lot of time can be stressfull!  One of the best ways to minimise this stress is to give your stylist a heads up on what you would like to achieve. This is especially true if they are coming to your location so they have everything they need.

Think about the style of your dress or outfit and try to have a firm idea as to what you would like. Having pictures always helps! If you are not sure at least have a loose idea and discuss it with your stylist. Sending them pictures of what your hair texture and face shape is helps them evaluate what is going to work for the whole package including the type of occasion and neckline of your outfit. 

Your stylist can then determine if you will need extensions or padding to achieve the wow factor you are after. Also having make up ideas (pictures) helps them get a game plan together to make sure they have everything they need to adapt the look you are after to your individual skin type and eye shape. Be guided by there opinion as they have trained to achieve the best possible out come! 

I can't stress this enough have - a clean freshly washed face and clean dry hair. Its an old wives tale that you need dirty hair for event styling. Oily hair just flops and separates at the roots looking lank and stringy! With the invention of dry shampoo we can add grip to the softest of hair. If you wish to have your hair out and have waves or curls always use a salon grade shampoo. Build up of silicones and products in the hair will make your curls drop out to fast and block the heat tools from doing their job.

Have a place with lots of natural light and power for the stylist to work in. We can't  do our job if we can't see what we are doing! That said some hotels rooms are notorious for no light. (Must have been invented by a man!!) Lastly get your brows done. It can make or break your make up out come. Having to pluck your brows will leave you red and blotchy best to have it done a few days before!