Tips for working with your hairdresser to prepare for your wedding

Your hair care timeline in the countdown to your wedding should be done in consultation with your stylist.

Many brides get anxious about what to do with their hair, and more specifically their hair colour, in the countdown to their wedding. Planning ahead is key of course, but having the right hairdresser who is careful and knows their stuff is essential. There are a few things you will need to check off your list before booking in all your forward bookings with your hairdresser:

  • Do they really listen to me? Nothing worse than a hairdresser who says "It'll be fine luv! I know what you want don't tell me a thing!" It's great that you trust them, but will they really be on the same page as you? When explaining what you want, bring heaps of pictures and sit down and have a detailed consultation and then put a plan in place that coincides with your count down to your wedding. You may need to book extra time to do this as hairdresser's time is precious.
  • Have you seen some of the hairdressers work? Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and if someone you know has gorgeous hair that you like, ask them where they go. Also important to make sure they have a similar hair type, and budget to you.
  • Be guided by your hairdresser in a more gentle approach to the end result. If you have managed to find someone who you feel comfortable with don't get all excited and want to have your perfect colour over night. Even Hollywood stars have to change their hair in stages. Commit to a gradual change and give your hairdresser the chance to get you to your perfect colour with out any more damage than necessary. This may mean the colour is not perfect on the first go. This is particularly true for blondes. Your hairdresser should take your previous colour history in to account.
  • Honesty. Your hairdresser should be able to "give it to you straight" in other words tell you what is and what is not possible in the time frame needed.  Also you have to LISTEN to them! No point asking for the impossible and ending up in a mess.
  • Be realistic in what you're are asking for. Don't decide to have a big colour change 2 weeks out from your wedding!  It will end in tears. Give your hairdresser as much time as possible to deliver your dream hair colour and hopefully it will be a simple exercise after all.  Then come and see me. Planning your wedding day hair is key to choosing the ideal style to make you look amazing.