Sensitive skin

Skin sensitivity can be caused by many things, such as food, stress, hormonal issues and what you put on your skin. Having a plan in place is vital in the lead up to your wedding to make sure your skin is flawless on the day. 

If you believe you have a hormonal issue find out what the cause is from either a doctor or naturopath (whichever you prefer). Work on getting a long term plan in place and stick to it! Nothing works over night and balancing hormones can be a long process and tricky so perseverance is essential.  It will all be worth it! 

Food can be a big factor to not only your over all health but your skin and how it reacts. Eating clean is a great way to clean out your system of toxins which in turn will help to balance out your bodies hormone levels. Water water water! At least 3 litres a day helps to flush out toxins and hydrate your body.

Trying to control your stress levels can be hard when planning a wedding! Its a hard to keep it all under control sometimes. Try to remember not EVERYthing goes to plan, just roll with it. You dont want to waste time stressing when you could be enjoying the moment. Its your day try to enjoy the journey and follow your heart. 

Find a Beautician who has a good reputation for handling sensitive skin and have a consultation. You could be doing something that is setting your skin off. She will be able to get a plan into motion and advise you on what the best plan will be with your budget in mind.

The most important thing you can do it to wash your brushes that you use for apply your make up. Germs being pushed into your skin day after day will cause break outs!